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The Kid’s Stories That Everyone Should Read

If you are following this article then you may be a parent on the lookout for a great fiction book to purchase for your child or you may even be attempting to find a kid’s story for yourself. However, no matter what your reasons may be one need to understand that kid’s stories are important on a grand scale because it helps the kids to change the way they view the world. But I believe that kid’s stories do not have to be restricted to a particular age group instead it is possible for even an adult like me to learn a thing or two from these stories. Thus, the following article will hence focus on some kid’s stories that everyone should buy no matter how old they are.

Harry Potter Series By J.K. Rowling

This is a must read for every individual because following this book is almost like a rite of passage. Furthermore, no matter what age you are this series will focus on themes such as racism and prejudice in such a manner that it would be easily understandable to any and every individual. Moreover, there are many interesting books to read in this series because it is made up of 7 books thus it has the potential to occupy one for quite some time. However, one should keep in mind that it is necessary to follow this series in its proper order because it has a chiastic plot structure where events that occurred in the first book are mirrored in the seventh and those that happened in the third are mirrored in the fifth.

Edward the Emu By Sheena Knowles

Many of you may listen to interviews with australian authors but if there is one author that you should listen to that is Sheena Knowles because she came up with the premise for a book that has remained beloved among both young and the old alike. In her story, she spoke about an Emu named Edward who got so tired of being an Emu that he decided that he wanted to be someone different. Thus, in order to accomplish his goal, he spent his time with different animals trying to be like them. This story provides a great moral for every individual because it teaches people that the best thing that one can be is themselves and that there is nothing wrong with being your own unique self. Reading stories are an amazing way for one to spend their time because these stories hold the power to transfer its readers to an alternative universe and some books that hold most of these powers are those that have been written for kids. Therefore, one should strive to read the aforementioned books because they too would be able to learn something and be able to look at the world or even at themselves through different eyes.